Project Description

Raised Toilet Seats 5 cm/10 cm/15 cm
Lateral Locking System
Front Locking System

The Raised Toilet Seat (RTS) line is designed for those who have difficulties in sitting or standing up when using the toilet which include the elderly, post-op patients and wheelchair users to facilitate better transfer. The ergonomically designed surface area of the seat reduces pressure offering increased user comfort. The slight downward incline of the seat promotes correct posturing and reduces flexing of the hip and knee joints. The contoured seat incorporates both rear and frontal openings allowing greater access for personal hygiene. The line is suitable for the majority of toilet bowls.

The models with the lids can be used as a seat. The RTS line is made of polypropylene offering durability, strength and warmth. The finished surface is easy to clean and resists stains and smells. The seat can be totally immersed in water and/or can be sanitised in an autoclave at 85°C for 1 minute. The locking system is made of polypropylene with glass fibre making it very strong and durable. The co-injected soft techno polymer on the clamp guarantees a safe grip on the ceramic.

The RTS line is available with front or lateral locking system, in different heights with and without lid. The Raised Toilet Seat – Lateral Locking System can also be accessorised with an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal soft cushion for extra comfort.

Key Product Features

  • Italian designed for comfort and safety

  • Lightweight, Stable and Easy to Clean

  • Hermetically sealed ensuring maximum hygiene

  • Maintenance Free

  • Unique User-Friendly Locking System

  • Designed to adapt to a wide variety of different toilet bowls.

  • The knob on the Raised Toilet Seat is carefully designed to ensure that even those suffering with arthritic problems can easily turn it

  • Certified to Highest Standards of Safety & Quality (EN ISO 14971:2019+A11:2021, PN-EN 1041 : 2010 + A1 2013, ISO 12182:2012,EN ISO 21856:2022, EN ISO 14001:2015 , EN ISO 13485:2016+A11:2021)

  • Manufactured with biocompatible materials according to EN ISO 10993-5:2009 and EN ISO 10993-10:2013

  • Easy to Assemble

  • Warranty for 2 years

Raised Toilet Seats