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Polished Stainless Steel
Grab Bar

These metal grab bars are meant to be used as a robust handle, on which the user can rely on to relieve part of the body weight from the legs, reducing muscle fatigue due to standing position as well as slip and injuries risks.
It can be installed in different places in the bathroom, depending on user needs. The grab bars are available in different lenghts, straight or folded 45° or 90°.

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Polished Stainless Steel Grab Bar

Item Code:
KING-GB30IP-00 (30cm/12″)
KING-GB45IP-00 (45cm/18″)
KING-GB60IP-00 (60cm/24″)
KING-GB3030IP-00 (30x30cm/12″x12″)
KING-GB3060RIP-00 (30x60cm/12″x24″)
KING-GB3060LIP-00 (30x60cm/12″x24″)

Max User Weight: 150 kg/330lbs


Product Details