Simplified Solutions

LM Global Design introduces the bathroom stool with a tray line, designed to simplify the bathroom experience. This new product line promises to make routine smoother and more organized.

Easy Access to Essentials

Due to its integrated tray, the new bathroom stool line makes accessing toiletries and towels effortless. Everything needed is within reach, making the routine smoother and more efficient.

Customizable Options for Everyone

We understand that every individual has a unique style and preferences. That’s why our Bathroom Stool with Tray line comes in four shapes: square, round, rotating, and triangle. Two timeless colors, white and black, effortlessly match any decor.

Comfort and Durability Combined

LM Global Design’s bathroom stool with trays prioritizes comfort and durability. The soft cushions, available as accessories, make seating experiences even more comfortable. Plus, with an Italian-inspired design and a robust build that supports up to 170kg, you can trust both style and functionality.

“Making Everyday Life Easier”

Luca Mammi, the founder of LM Global Design, knows the struggle of a disorganized bathroom. “We’re dedicated to making daily bathroom routines smoother and more enjoyable,” he says. And our Bathroom Stool with Tray line does just that.

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