Custom Projects

Our R&D department and our external technical partners have been integrated over time with all our key processes. As a result, we are not only able to support the customisation needs of our clients in terms of product colours, packaging and labelling, we are also able to meet demands for completely new products.

Project Work Flow

Our R&D and project department includes:

  1. Project data analysis. We analyse all the information and requirements for any new product sent by the customer to verify its conformity with the regulations.
  2. Benchmarking. We benchmark against the most successful competitor products in the market to check the advantages/disadvantages of our project.
  3. Feasibility study. To verify the investment and feasibility of the project, we run a simulation of the production costs.
  4. 3D Design. We carefully draw each product component with Solidworks and evaluate with the customer the modifications required until we approve the design.
  5. Virtual tests. Our virtual tests are able to detect imperfections thus avoiding problems in later stages, helping to save both time and money.
  6. Prototyping. We are able to produce prototypes internally with the latest 3D printer technology to evaluate the shape, the design and the dimension of the product. Thanks to our external partners we can produce prototypes in different materials to test the strength and the ergonomics of the product.
  1. Best materials choice. Thanks to our long experience, we have the knowledge to select the best materials to be used to maximise the performance of the product and minimise the production cost.
  2. Mould and tooling sourcing. Our tooling production partners have been selected for their experience, their technology and their reliability in terms of quality and timing.
  3. Pre-production stage. We evaluate and run internal tests to the pre-production product and we decide along with the customer if any modifications are required or if we can validate the project.
  4. External tests. We cooperate with external laboratories to execute the various tests on the product to ensure its compliance with the MDR.
  5. Packaging study. We analyse the customer requirements for the packaging and we offer graphic solution and samples for the customer approval.
  6. Production & launch.