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About us

LM Global Design is specialized in manufacturing accessories for the comfort and safety in the bathroom, especially designed for people with reduced mobility. We have over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare and mobility products industry. Thanks to our knowledge, we are proud to work and manufacture products for the biggest players in the worldwide market. LM Global Design is customized to respond to any adaptation of our products according to our customer requirements. All our products are designed in Italy and the majority of them are made in Italy too. The strength of the company is to be able to match the customer needs offering the following services.

  • Professional support to customize our products to the customer requirement.
  • Short delivery time of the orders to avoid large inventory stock level to our customers.
  • The best logistic support to minimize transport costs.
  • Efficient customer service to quick solve any issues.




Our company philosophy is focused on the customer satisfaction.

To achieve this goal, our R&D team assures to develop our product with unique design and features, we pay attention on the quality of the raw materials as well as on the quality control of all our production processes, and we assist our customers with an efficient after sale service.

We aim to increase our customers’ trust, to build a long lasting partnership.


We consider the design, together with the quality, one of the most important feature of all our range of products. We invest a lot of time to design our products giving an appealing looking to fit nicely in every bathroom.

To offer the best comfort and support, we design our product according to all the ergonomic aspect.

We strive to design in a smart way to minimize production costs without compromising the aesthetic of all our products.


We are constantly striving to manufacture high quality products, meeting the highest standards of safety and quality. We design and manufacture in compliance with the DIRECTIVE 93/42/EEC and the following European regulations:

  • EN 14971:2012 Application of risk management to Medical Devices.
  • EN 12182:2012 General requirements and tests for products for people with special needs.
  • EN 1041:2013 Requirements for Medical Devices related to the information to be provided by the manufacturer.
  • ISO 10993.1:2009 Biological evaluation of Medical Devices